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29 August 2016 @ 06:44 pm
25 November 2015 @ 01:45 pm

Happy Birthday RIIDA!!!🎂🎂🎂
16 May 2015 @ 12:00 pm
Happy Anniversary Jun! Keep up the good work & continue to share your charm & blessings with us - fans!

30 August 2014 @ 01:19 am
Another year...another opportunity to share your gifts to all your fans... ^_^

15 September 2013 @ 01:37 am
Happy 14th Anniversary Arashi!!!

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30 August 2013 @ 05:07 pm
To the youngest member who finally reach the stage of 30's...Happy Birthday!  Wish you all the best in this world... :)

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26 January 2013 @ 12:01 am
Happy Birthday to Arashi Mr. Rapper, Caster, Sloppy Shoulder, Chipmunk - the one & only Sho Sakurai
21 August 2012 @ 07:32 am

Title: Like Fathers Like Sons... Sometimes
Author: In collaboration with risakoisabel
Disclaimer: We unfortunately do not own any of the guys... The kids though are figments of our imaginations. Any resemblance to people alive or dead is purely coincidental.
Summary: Arashi has long stopped their group activities and pursued different careers and had families of their own. And just like what they predicted before, each one had a son of their own. So does the saying like father like son apply? 

* Crossposted in risakoisabel



 Hiro stared at the poster for another 5 minutes before realizing what he had to do. He ran as fast as his 13-year old feet could carry him to the village park. When he reached the far side corner, he looked around, checking if some one was nearby. He tiptoed towards the tree and swiftly pulled the rope that was hanging on one of the lower branches. 

     A rope ladder appeared out of nowhere and Hiro climbed the ladder in record time.  He smoothed the poster on the  make shift table on the center of the tree house before fishing his phone out of his pocket.

     His fingers got busy as he sent a group message.

     To: Aki; Jirou; Ryke; Shin

     From: Hiro

     Subject: Emergency!!!!


      Waiting at secret place. Please come ASAP! 


     Hiro began pacing the tree house while checking his watch every 10 seconds. 10 minutes after he heard the rustling of the leaves below. He hurriedly looked out the window and saw Jirou starting to climb.

     “What took you so long? Where’s the rest of the guys. I told you this is an emergency. Where is your sense of urgency?” he asked non-stop.

     “Can’t you wait for me to climb first before interrogating me?” Jirou replied sounding a little bit annoyed as he was trying his best to climb the rope ladder with his varsity bag in tow.

     As Jirou got in and threw his bag hitting the make shift table, sending the poster on top of it flying.

      “ AHHHHHHHH. Watch it! Can’t you put your bag down slowly? You’re going to ruin my most prized possession.” Hiro screamed as he gently placed the poster back  on top of the table.

     “ So what’s this emergency about? Can we make it fast? I’ve got practice in 30 minutes.” Jirou said as he stretched his legs.

     “ We have to wait for the rest of the guys, I don’t want to repeat myself later. It’s going to ruin the excitement. Where are they anyway? I tried calling Aki and he isn’t answering his phone.” Hiro replied.

     “ What do you expect from him? Are you still not used to him not answering any of our calls or our messages? Why can’t you just tell me ahead so I can go and leave for practice. Then when they arrive you tell the three of them together.” Jirou said.

    “ NO! I have to tell ALL of you together. It’s tiring to repeat what I have to say. Oh wait someone’s here and I bet it isn’t Ryke.” Hiro said as he stood up to look out of the window.

     “Hiro what’s the problem?” Shin asked as he looked up and saw Hiro peering out of the window.

     “ Just hurry up and climb. I’ll tell you when you’re up here.” Hiro replied impatiently.

     As Shin entered the tree house, Jirou flipped his phone close.

     “ Ryke’s on his way, so that just leaves us waiting for Aki.” 

     “ He isn’t here yet? His house is the nearest. I called him up before I left.” Shin said.

    A few minutes later, they heard the distant screeching of tires.

     “ Ah. That must be Ryke.” Shin said as he stood up, looked out of the window and waved.

     “ Ryke, what took you so long? You have a bicycle. Couldn’t you have pedaled faster? And you, you should have been the first one here. You live just around the corner. I could practically see the roof of your house from here” Hiro said as he stood beside Shin looking down on both Ryke and Aki. 

     “ I would have been here sooner but Aki called and told me to pick him up.” Ryke reasoned.

     “ Aki, your house is just a few meters away. Why do you have to wait for Ryke?” Hiro asked as Aki was now climbing the rope ladder.

    “ It’s hot and I don’t want to walk. Ryke has a bike so I hitched. Whats your problem?” Aki retorted.

     “ Just hurry up so we can start.”

     “ Guys we have to make this quick. Practice starts in 15 minutes.” Jirou said.

    “So Hiro, what’s the emergency?” Ryke asked as they all settled down on the floor of the tree house.

     “You guys have to go with me. I’m not asking you. I’m telling you. YOU HAVE TO GO WITH ME!” Hiro started.

    “  Go where? And why do we have to go with you?” Aki asked.

    “ Hiro, go where? When?” Shin seconded.

    “September 16. That’s a month from now.” was all Hiro replied.

    “ September 16? I can’t. I have a game.” 

    “ Me too. I have a tournament.”

    “ I think I have something planned on that day. I think we’re going on a vacation.”

     “ I can’t because... well, I think I just can’t.”

    Jirou, Ryke , Shin and Aki replied  respectively and in overlapping voices.

    It’s a cliche, but if looks could kill, the other four would have died that instant at the way Hiro looked at them. 

     “ I told you, I AM NOT ASKING YOU TO GO WITH ME. YOU HAVE TO COME WITH ME ON THAT DAY!” Hiro was now screaming.

    “ Hiro calm down! all of us seemed to have something planned on that day.” Shin replied calmly.

    “ No Shin! I don’t care if you have something planned. Cancel it! You have to come with me.” Hiro insisted.

    “ Hiro, it’s the start of the quarterly tournament. I can’t miss that.” Ryke reasoned.

     “ Me too.” Jirou added.

    “ Me too.” Aki added too.

    “AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Why can’t you understand that I am not asking you. I am telling you whether you like it or not, you have to accompany me on that day!” 

    “ Hiro, it’s you who doesn’t understand...” Jirou said but was cut off by Hiro’s palm in front of his face.

    “ You guys leave me no choice. I don’t want to do this but in desperate times like this I have to.” Hiro said as he pulled out a piece of paper from his back pocket.

    “ Ok, Let’s start! You, who did you ask to buy you that porn magazine and sneak it into your room? Did you know my mom reprimanded me when she saw me with that? Did you know the lecture I went through with my dad? It was pure torture. And you, who ran all the way from school and back just to get you the cream and bandage because you broke your sparring partner’s arm? I had an asthma attack that night. And you, who went to Akihabara just to look for an otaku who knew how to play your dad’s freaking game right from the start because you accidentally erased the entire saved data? I even paid the guy from my own allowance. And lastly you, who did you drag out to sea when you went fishing. Not to mention, you asked me to “steal” your dad’s favorite fishing rod which you broke by the way. I told you to let it go, but no, you said it was a big fish. Turns out it was a pair of old boots. I had 2nd degree burns from that, it was so hot. My entire body stung like hell! Now, will you all go with me on the 16th or shall I march to your parents right now and tell them the truth?” Hiro read his “litany” animatedly.

     “ Hiro, it’s your fault you had your mom catch you with that magazine.” Jirou said trying to find a loophole.

     “ That’s beside the point. The fact is you are a 13-year old pervert.” Hiro snapped back.

    “It was an accident on my part. Plus who asked you to run, you could have hailed a cab. Not to mention, the bandage and the cream were for animals not humans.” Ryke reiterated.

     “ Where do you think will I get money for the cab? Besides your mom told you not to practice your karate moves on your classmates. Excuse me, that cream and bandage works wonders on dogs who are hit by cars.” Hiro countered.

     “ Exactly! For dogs not humans.” Ryke said not letting the topic go.

     Hiro shushed him.

     “ Hiro, you said you were bored that day and wanted to do something exciting. So I asked you to come with me. And I told you to get the the rod near the door, not the one inside the glass case.” Shin said defensively.

     “ When did fishing and getting burned under the scorching heat of the sun become exciting? And you said I could grab any rod, it was the nearest so that’s what I grabbed.”   Hiro shot back.

     He then turned to Aki and said,

     “ You, you want to defend yourself?” He asked the 12 year old seated next to him.

     “ No. What’s all the drama about anyway?” Aki asked.

     Hiro took a deep breath, picked up the top corners of the posters with his fingers and showed it the the other four boys.

     “ This!” he said dramatically.

     “ Ehh?” Ryke, Aki and Shin chorused.

     “Wow!” said a small voice from the back.

      All heads turned to the direction of the 13 year old who had completely forgotten about practice and was intensely staring at the poster.

     “ Jirou, stop entertaining perverted thoughts. They’re not porn stars!” Hiro said accusingly.

     “ Who said I’m having perverted thoughts?” 

     “Your pupils are dilating” Ryke replied.

     “ Jirou, you’re drooling. Wipe it.” Aki added.

     “No, I’m not”

     “Yes you are.”

     “No, I’m not.”

     “ Guys stop it. we have to settle this.” Shin said breaking off Aki and Jirou’s banter.

     “ Hiro, who are these girls any way?” Aki asked poking the poster.

     “ Stop poking! You might tear it. This, Akito is the world’s best heavy metal band. They’re coming to Japan for a one night only performance and I have to see it live as I may never get the chance to see them again.” Hiro replied dreamily while staring at the poster.

     “ Stop calling Akito! Where do you plan on getting that amount may I ask? Do you have enough savings?” Aki asked.

     “ I only have 5000 yen in my piggy bank.” Hiro replied gloomily and turned to look at Jirou.

     “ Don’t ask me. I just bought some educational materials last week. And that was the last of my savings.” Jirou said and looked at Ryke.

     “ Educational materials? What kind of educational materials are those? And no Hiro I do not have that amount either. What about you Aki? I’m sure you have a lot of money hidden somewhere.” Ryke asked.

     “ Who do you think am I? I am not my Dad! I do not hoard money! I only have 100 yen.” Aki replied.

     “ Well, I was thinking we could ask Kenji-nii ~” he said looking at Aki.

     “ Are you crazy? what do you think of my brother? A money making machine? Even if he has that amount I don’t think he’s going to pay for all of our tickets. He might pay for mine but not yours.” Aki replied.

     Jirou was supposed to butt in when Shin’s serious voice stopped him.

     “ Guys, this is serious. We need to have a plan.”

02 August 2012 @ 08:09 pm
Still on Kitajima Olympic hype...my fave OTP :) ~

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15 July 2012 @ 02:43 am
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